From franchises, to mom and pop establishments — Tinker's can adapt to your vending needs!

Tinker's Toy & Hobby works with a variety of establishments in the Lane County area! We offer an array of novelty vending machine options, from full arcade setups to individual gumball machines — all at no extra work to you or your employees!

We take pride in keeping our machines in top condition and well-stocked with pleasing products. We maintain our locations on a rotating two-week basis, ensuring that the needs of each individual location are addressed in a timely manner.

The best part? No commitments! We understand that the needs of a business may change over time, and because of that, we do not operate on a contracted basis. We also offer a 20% employee-based profit-sharing program!

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What We Offer!

Unique, employee-based profit sharing!

Our unique profit-sharing program keeps your employees happy! 20% of all profits from our machines are put directly into the employee tip jar with each service of the machine. This has received widely appreciated feedback across all of our locations, from employees and business owners alike!

Supporting YEOW (Young Entrepreneurs of the World)!

A portion of profits from our partnered locations is donated to YEOW, an organization that awards one free candy or claw machine a month to a child aspiring to start their own vending route! You can read more about their mission at:

Quality machines, at no cost to you!

Unlike other vendors in the Lane County area, every machine Tinker's Toy & Hobby supplies is brand new and in great condition — ensuring an enjoyable arcade experience without the eyesore.

We also take full responsibility for sourcing, delivering, and maintaining these machines — bringing no additional work to you or your employees.

All we need from you as a client is a small space in the designated establishment, within five feet of an accessible wall outlet!

Want to bring a novelty machine to your Lane County business? Contact us! We will help you find the perfect machine for your needs!